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Gifts That Last Beyond the Holiday Season

It's already that time of year again. If you're like me, you are scratching your head trying to decide the ideal gift for your special friends and relatives. The problem I find is that so many gift ideas have a pretty finite "use by" date. I don't want to give anyone close something that won't last. Chocolates are lovely, but usually gone before New Years Day (in my house, at least). A bunch of flowers really spruces up their home, but after a week or so all I can do is see the photos that they took - it's all gone. 

So what can you give that will still be delighting your friends and family this time next year? You already know that decorative plants and timeless styling pieces are the perfect way to add pop to your home's decor, but have you thought that they might make the perfect gift for someone special too?

A living succulent is a beautiful (and hardy) gift, especially if it is styled in such a way that it becomes a focus of your room. Indoors or out, these plants feature colours and textures that draw the eye to exactly where you want it to be - a side table, a dining table centerpiece, an outdoor setting. Anywhere! And caring for a succulent display is so easy that even my hubby can't kill them!

If it is displayed in quality glassware (forget those plastic pots!) with a filler that matches your recipient's decor, it can be perfect all year round! If you add some subtle lighting inside the display, it can bring your dinner party exactly the WOW that you're looking for.

Alternatively, you might consider a glorious timeless rose piece for your loved one. Handmade from real Birchwood, and each one hand painted in a stunning array of colours, they really POP! Whether it be one or two classic single roses in bud vases, or an impressive 12 rose display in a beautiful glass vase with greenery and sparkling crystal filler, these pieces grab the attention of visitors every time. You can even mix and match living and timeless items to make the ultimate (easy) statement piece! Don't they look great in the photo?

So this season, imagine gifts that will really keep on giving. How great will it be next time you see your family or friends when your thoughtful gift is still bringing them just as much pleasure as when they first received it from you?

Live Fabulous!