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Quality is Crystal Clear!

Nothing says elegant styling quite like quality glassware.  When it comes to home decoration, glassware has been gracing our shelves, mantles and tables for centuries. Clean, classic home styling items that never go out of style.

Archaeological findings in Egypt and Eastern Mesopotamia indicate that the first manufactured glass dates back to 3000BC, so I guess that’s proof glassware truly is classic home decoration.


So, if you’re looking for an exquisite styling item that’s Stylish, Elegant & Unique to enhance your home décor, we make it easy!

AbFab Collections all feature our premium quality seamless glassware.

Step 1 – just decide if you would like a living, growing styling item (our DIY Succulent Kits)

or something timeless (our Handcrafted Wooden Roses)

Styling items from our Timeless Collection are the perfect way to add that pop of colour to your home.  Our exquisite everlasting wooden roses are hand crafted from Birchwood shavings and as such each rose has its own unique shape and hand-dipped colour.  Available in Single, Six or Twelve Rose Vases. We have a colour combination to enhance any home décor. 110 colour combinations to be exact!

Step 2 - Select from our range of vase accents. Your choice of cream, mixed or polished natural pebbles, sparkling clear crystals or crystals made from recycled Australian glass. Our glass crystals are available in Black, Green, Yellow, Blue, Turquoise & Red.

We’re always happy to help you decide what suits your décor.  Just ask us because Everyone deserves something Fabulous!