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Timeless Beauty for your Home

Everyone loves the style that beautiful flowers bring to your home. But with a dozen roses regularly breaking the $100 barrier, they can be a guilty pleasure for most of us. And, of course, if you wanted something with a particular colour pallet to perfectly suit your decor, the sky is the limit! And once you've found the perfect blooms, you only get 1 or 2 weeks to enjoy them.

What if you could find a natural alternative (no one wants plastic flowers in their house, right?) that would allow you to coordinate perfectly with your style, would last for years, and save you money? Boy, have I got great news for you!

Styling items from our Timeless Collection are the perfect way to add that pop of colour to your home. Our exquisite everlasting wooden roses are hand crafted from Birchwood shavings and as such each rose has its own unique shape and hand-dipped colour. We have a large range of colour combinations to enhance any home décor. Select your rose colour, then accent with your choice of natural pebbles, recycled Australian glass crystals or sparkling rock crystals.

Whether you're styling up your own home to reflect your personality, or looking for an everlasting gift that will make that special someone smile for years to come, our natural wood blooms are the ideal choice!

Live fabulous!