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Styling on a Budget (Part 2) – In The Attic & Some Styling Tricks

In Part 1, we suggested how you might already have the perfect pieces to unlock your inner styling boss around your home. But even if you can’t see the magic in your current furniture, styling up needn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Turning a Turkey into a Swan

So, you’ve got a furniture piece – either from home or from a store – what now?

Time to get WILD and CREATIVE! Maybe just adding new hardware like knobs, handles and hinges will transform “old faithful” into a centrepiece, but you might go the whole hog and completely refinish it! Your imagination is the only limit!

I promised in the last blog to introduce you to one of AbFab Styling’s most creative clients, Melissa from In The Attic.

Now, some people can look at something and imagine how much better it could be. For others it’s harder (and for my husband, it seems to be impossible 😊). But Melissa just takes this idea to a whole other level! She has the knack of taking something nice, but ordinary, and completely transforming it into pure “Fabulous”! It ends up dripping with style (and looks like it would cost)! But it’s not expensive.

Don’t believe me? Check out the Magic that Melissa worked on this chest of drawers & coffee table. I think you’ll agree that these are particularly Fabulous transformations, and I’m sure that most people would be shocked at how much value she has added! Brilliant job! And how perfect are our AbFab Styling Timeless Roses as a highlight on top of the drawers? Our exquisite everlasting wooden roses are hand crafted from Birchwood shavings and as such each rose has its own unique shape and hand-dipped colour. We have a large range of colour combinations to enhance any home décor.

Pssst! Here’s a secret from me to you. Melissa can even work her magic on one of your pieces. If that sounds like a plan, you can contact her by email here and check out her work on Facebook here .

And All the Trimmings

After you have your furniture pieces sorted out, it’s time to get styling. Compliment them with styling items, but do it mindfully! As they say, Less is DEFINITELY More! Fabulous pieces are the key. If your furniture is mainly in neutral tones, select some coordinated colourful accent pieces to give your room a pop of colour. If your walls are a strong colour, tone it down a bit by using softer coloured styling items. White always looks great, and black can be a stunning contrast colour if used sparingly.

Don’t forget coordination. You can tie your whole room together by selecting styling items that reflect each other. Pick up a colour from your curtains, rug or artworks, and reflect them in your styling items.

Use these styling tricks for Fabulously cohesive high-end looking styling.

I hope that this series of posts has sparked some inspiration. Melissa and I share a passion for styling at a reasonable cost, and you can see the results! If you read this, catch the styling bug and create your own Fabulous, we’d love to see it. Please share your creations with us on Facebook or Instagram – we can’t wait!

See you next time and Stay Fabulous!