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Styling on a Budget (Part 1) – Think Outside the Box

You don’t need to spend a fortune to have a fabulously styled home, and in the next two blogs I’ll give you some tips that I use, along with some beautiful ideas from one of AbFab Stylings great customers, Melissa from In The Attic. We both hope that they give you some inspiration. They are in no particular order, but hopefully they’ll spark your creativity.

Bring the outside in

Everyone knows that plants are a great way to add life and softness to your interior designs, but why stop there? Put on your creativity hat, and have a look around the outside of your home. How about some pebbles to style your plants with? Stone can add rustic styling and be a great counterpoint to flowers or plants as part of your design plan. What about staging your living or timeless pieces atop a stone paver on your coffee table? Or you might look around and find a nice looking rock from your garden. Bring that in too, and use it as part of your styling item. Maybe you’ll just give it a wash on the way in and display it in all it’s natural beauty, or you might decide to paint it to match your décor. The options are limitless! Here are some of our AbFab Styling items featuring natural pebble and rock to give you an idea.

Money can’t buy style  

When it comes to styling, furnishing (and refinishing) is the key. For an ultra-fresh look, consider the arrangement and basics of your room first. Ask yourself, would simply rearranging your styling items, artwork and furniture completely change the dynamics of my room? You might repaint or refinish a tired-looking furniture item to reinvigorate them.

Don’t be tempted to try to buy a whole room of fabulous at once. Rather, invest in one or two quality pieces and decorate to compliment them with less expensive items.

Remember – modestly priced styling items can look expensive when they are combined and arranged in the right way.

Start by shopping in your own home. Is there a piece hiding in a backroom that you used to love but now looks a bit outdated? With some love, could it make a glorious return to style and become the star of your revamped living area? Up-cycling is king!

Hit the Charity Shops

If you have nothing at home, or just want to add some more “fabulous”, these places are treasure troves of unique items that, with just a little bit of love, will look like they cost a bomb! Don’t worry if you’re not even sure what you are looking for – you’ll just know the right item when you see it! It will speak to you and will end up being the perfect addition to your stylish home. One thing – be careful not to purchase items just because of their price. I say, get the RIGHT items, rather than the MOST items!

And it’s not only furniture to be on the look out for. Charity stores are great for complimentary pieces. Keep and eye out for picture frames, plates, glassware, storage boxes and containers. You’ll be amazed at what you will find!

In Part 2, I’ll introduce you to Melissa from In The Attic, and show you how she can help you become a style master using inexpensive furniture and great styling. 

Keep an eye out for Part 2, and Stay Fabulous!